Judiciary Committee

This year, the Broward County Hispanic Bar Association introduced its Judiciary Committee Initiative. The Judiciary Committee is tasked with the responsibility of educating and informing membership and the community about candidates running for judicial office, in an effort to maintain the high quality of our judiciary. Members of the Committee spent hours compiling a comprehensive questionnaire, researching and interviewing the judicial candidates, publishing information gathered from the process  to its membership and community, and organizing a judicial forum focused on involving not just the legal community, but the entire Broward Community. Community engagement and education is a necessary part of the election process, and as a Voluntary Bar Association, there is no higher duty than to assist in this public education. Because of the Judiciary Committee’s diligent efforts, now the Broward Community has a voice they can turn to for completely unbiased information regarding candidates running for judicial office.

The Judiciary Committee Initiative is a completely voluntary process. All candidates running for judicial office, including judges running for reelection, were invited to participate and sent a questionnaire. Below are the questionnaire responses we received from the candidates and judges who elected to participate in this important process.


Group 9

Andrea Gundersen Questionnaire

Lea Krauss Questionnaire

Group 15

 Judge Matthew Destry Questionnaire

Barbara Duffy Questionaire

Abbe Rifkin Questionnaire

Group 23

David Salomon Questionnaire

Group 24

Doreen Inkeles Questionnaire


Group 2

Judge Kal Evans Questionnaire

Group 3

Florence Taylor Barner Questionnaire

Rhoda Sokoloff Questionnaire

Group 7

Judge Nina DiPietro Questionnaire

Brenda DiIoia Questionnaire

Group 8

Judge Stephen Zaccor Questionnaire

Group 13

Betsy Benson Questionnaire

Mark Kushner Questionnaire

Group 14

Alfreda Coward Questionnaire

Sam Lopez Questionnaire

Kim Mollica Questionnaire

Group 21

Deborah Carpenter-Toye Questionnaire

Russell Thompson Questionnaire