Judge of the MonthThe Honorable Robert F. Diaz

September 1, 2020

Judge Robert F. Diaz was appointed to the bench in 1992 by Florida Governor Lawton Chiles. He currently serves in the misdemeanor criminal division.  Judge Diaz’s demonstrated commitment to justice, integrity, and the community are invaluable assets to the 17th Judicial Circuit.

Judge Diaz is committed to providing a space in his courtroom in which litigants will be heard and access justice.  His prior experience as one of two Hispanic, Spanish-speaking attorneys at the Public Defender’s office, instilled in him the need of litigants to be heard, and to be able to understand the proceedings in which they are involved.

Judge Diaz has also been a long time professor at Nova Southeastern University. He teaches Street Law there, a course in which law students have the opportunity to interact with high school kids interested in law. In addition, he mentors recent graduates who are studying for the Florida Bar through check-ins and encouragement.

Judge Diaz is of Cuban ancestry. As a Hispanic jurist, he has been committed to helping Hispanic lawyers and law students in the Broward County community. Among a multitude of other initiatives, he hosts a yearly luncheon in which law students have the opportunity to network and speak with Hispanic lawyers.

Judge Diaz truly embodies professionalism and is well known in the community for providing a space for young lawyers and future lawyers to learn about careers in law, and the experiences of being Hispanic in law.  His philosophy of providing young Hispanic lawyers with a hand up—to raise them up and support them—is evident in his commitment to justice and to bringing people together in the legal community.

We are proud to have Judge Diaz as one of our Hispanic jurists.  His experience, knowledge, and commitment are commendable and highly regarded in the Florida legal community.


Interview with The Honorable Robert F. Diaz



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